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The Little Stem Cell That Could

17th January, 2005. 5:45 pm. School starts back tomorrow

I'm glad school is starting back. Not so much for the classes I'm taking, which is more blah than cool, but because it keeps me busy. I really really hate to be bored. It is extremely annoying. I'm taking French I[blah], governments of the world[sounds interesting], elementary physical chemistry[I should be taking the real thing, but i am the sux at calc], and instrumental methods[should definately be the coolest class]. I'm also starting back to tutoring my biochem students!!! I know have 3 full time, 1 part time, and hopefully another full time. I expect all my students to at least make a B....my stop student, Jacklyn, is seriously going to kick some ass. I'm aiming for her to be in the top 3 of the class. I love competition in classes. HEHE, I'll be doing better in the class than most people and I'm not even taking it!!!! I'm also taking a MCAT prep class. It should be fun. Princeton does a very good job with their material, very concise, thought out, and makes the reader participate. Also I use to do research, computation chemistry, with one of the 2 teachers. He is really cool, highly intelligent, a good teacher, and full of shits and giggles.

I'm definately going to be busy this semester!!!

It's kinda sad I'm almost done at U of Memphis. I have many many good memories.... from me doing molecular biology research at 11pm at night, organic chem lab at night, meeting all the cool ppl, excellent prof. , and just everything :*).

In other news one of my chihuhuas, Baby Boe, had an ingrown hair in his eye lid that scratched his cornea. He had to have surgery today to repair it. He's doing fine though, sitting in my lap right know. G-d I wished I had a digi camera. He has to wear one of those funnel looking things around his neck so he doesn't paw his eye. Also he can't be around the other chi, cause the might mess with his eye as well. Pooooooooooor Boe, he just looks pathetic with his funnel , and one of his eyes not opened. I really got to get a picture of this, priceless. He should be full recovered in a week.

It's really cool knowing a lot about biochemistry. After the vet looked at his eye he gave me a piece of paper telling me what Boe had. It was this type of ulcer. Usually there is fibronectin[proteglycan located in the extracellular matrix] present where any injury to the cornea has occured. This fibronectin acts as a molecular signal that the area with exposed fibronectin needs to be repaired. There is another enzyme, protease, that is suppose to breakdown the firbronectin. If too much of the protease is present, then the fibronectin will be removed before the cornea is repaired. Baby Boe produces too much of the enzyme. There was 2 options at this point. Put drops in that act as an inhibitor of this protease[not sure where it is competitive or noncompetitive, I wanted to ask the vet but most medical ppl would be like what??] thereby allowing natural healing to occur, or surgery. Not sure what the rational was but surgery it was.

blah, I'm going to get carpral tunnel! more latta'!!1

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12th January, 2005. 2:01 am. Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 22 Monday the 10th. Nothing really that special personally. I had celebrated the new year and the previous weekend quite nicely, so I was in a more chillout mood. My sister got me a $60 gift certificate at Trilogy. Trilogy is a locally well known tatoo/piercing shop[where I had my tongue pierced actually]. I don't have any plans for a piercing, but I do want to get a tatoo of a molecule of some sort. Not really sure on stick figure or more of the van der waals diagram. Probably something intermediate of both. I'm thinking a neurotransmitter maybe, but who knows. I'd really like to get an enzyme, but those are relatively huge for a tatoo. Hmmmm, any suggestions?

D.P. and Sara[my cousin and his gf] got me a Jenna Jameson :) poster and a really cool t-shirt. I love those guys, definately in my circle of best friends.

I'm feeling uneasy about this year. I have a lot coming at me....

1. MCAT which I must destroy. Seriously, I need to get a 34 at least to be competitive for the MD/PHD programs, but I know I can do it, just lots of work.

2. Instrumental Methods. Long lab write-ups every week. Blah!!! I hate writing on topics which I'm not that interested in. Big plus is I get to have my organic chem. prof. back. Dr Bridson, definately one of the top 3 prof. I've ever had. He's going to be doing NMR with us, and he is all about some NMR.

3. Medical school applications. I will be so so busy with these. I think I will have additional application as well because I'm applying for md/phd. I'm actually worried about me getting accepted to where I want to go, 1. UCSD-med, 2. John Hopkins. I have some serious competition... I mean, I have a high GPA, I expect to do well on the MCAT, good recommendation letters, and almost 2 years of research experience in molecular biology and computational biochemisry, but I've seen some of the students applying and there right up there with me. I'm applying to a ridiculous number of schools so with my qualifications I'll get accepted somewhere pretty good, but I want to select them, them not select me which is the case.

This will be a really big year for me. A definate milestone in my lifetime. Its very exciting and scary at the same time. I really shouldn't worry though because everything seems to always fall in place in the end.

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9th January, 2005. 6:19 pm. Last night was soooooo much fun

So, a friend from MSR, midsouthraves.org, had a house party last night. Lots of good times with good people and friends. Pictures are up at
http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures.html?id=2132466584 . I'm one of the mexican lookin doods, try to guess which one ;). Basically lots of shananigans, drinking, etc. We also had to huge guests there last night. Roubi, who use to live in Memphis, but has resided in SoCal for the last 3 years. It's funny to chat with someone so long, and then get to meet them. She was a lot quiter than I would have thought cause she is really feisty on th net. I also got to meet KrunkMonkey, micheal, a moderator on our site. Also got to smoke out with them too which was nice. Enjoy the pics. :)

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7th January, 2005. 6:27 pm. So more drama form my plate.

Jessica finally called me back today. We talked for a bit and the weird thing was she acted like everything was normal. I think I may have the game fucked up. Probably to her it is just about sex. Kinda weird the scripts got reversed on this one. Good news though. She did get accepted to pharmacy school!!!

It really makes me feel good that I took failing biochemistry students and was able to help one get a C in only 2 weeks left in the semester, and the other one got an A. You've got to understand this though, this class is extremly difficult for a science class. Even though its an undergrad/graduate class, the teacher teaches it like a graduate level class. The undergrads and grads take the same tests, kinda crazy. For somebody to even get a C in this class means that they are decently intelligent and know a good amount about the principles of biochemistry. Another one of my students got an interview for vetinary school which is great as well.

/little biochem tear


yeah, back to the Jessica thing. I don't even know. Either way I'm going to be tutoring her this next semester so I'll be seeing her for that. Not sure about us. Is there even an us. Does she even think of me as her friend. I'm not in love with her or anything of that such, but I care about her. I don't even know what to do :(. I can ask all my friends in the world, but I still don't think I would find the answer. I try to listen to what my mind and heart says but there giving me possibilites , not an answer.

Shit, I can destroy any science, college, and research that has been thrown at me so far, but I can't even figure whats going on with this chik.

I told her I'd call her later. I'm not sure if I even should. Maybe I should just play the game and treat her how she probably wants to be treated, but I don't think I can do that, because I'm no longer that type of person.

Where's Cleo when you need her.


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6th January, 2005. 3:13 am.

Today was a decent day.

Didn't get up until 12pm, hehe. I tried to take the chihuahuas to the park , but they were acting crazy. I will never again try to take more than two out ever, ever, ever again. They are so horrible at going out. I thought for sure those German shepards were going to eat my dogs!!!

I'm feeling better about the whole Jessica thing. It just makes me wonder what the hell happened. I think I've learned some important lessons though.

1. Friendship before sex

2. Probably not a good idea to ever date my students again. Not good to mix business with pleasure, but know myself I probably will.

3. I need to keep things how they are, not how I want them to be.

Momo came by with some supa fia'. Pretty good. Also had a nice chat with her which is always great.

I've also decided on some New Year's resolutions.

1. Volunteer
2. Study for the MCAT
3. Maintain more relationships
4. Get into shape

So far Ive been working on 4. and have signed up for a class to take care of 2. I reallly need to get on the ball about 1. and 3. is essentail to my well being.


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